TC Design Review

Transport Canada has developed safety standards and regulations and provides oversight and expert advice on dangerous goods to promote public safety in the transportation of dangerous goods by all modes of transport in Canada. B&M Risk Advice is a Designated Transport Canada Design Review Agency.

CSA B 620 is the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) code governing the design and assembly of highway tanks for transportation of hazardous material. While the code references CSA B51 and ASME B&PV Code for certain tank applications, there are additional structural, operational, safety and protection systems and quality control requirements that shall apply to the highway tanks. To ensure satisfactory compliance with the code requirements, a design review process is introduced.

B&M Risk Advice Inc. is a designated design review agency for TC 11, 51, 60, 407, 412, 331, 338 and 341 tanks.

For information about the referral of your design documents for the purpose of review and application for a Transport Canada registration Number (TCRN), please contact us.